Montag, 23. Januar 2012

Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2012

What about food?

When the weather is nice, drins are served guerilla-style on the bridge. Cocktails in the moonlight, oh yes!

Dienstag, 3. Januar 2012

Welcome to our new Supper Club for Poor Lonely Souls

Hello everyone, 

looking through various supper club offers in Berlin, it became apparent that mostly they all charge 35 Euros plus for many many courses. I am sure they are all wonderful alternatives for fine dining restaurant experiences. However poor students such as us simply don't have enough money. So we decided to start a small cheap supper club - with only three or four courses of simple food with a suggested donation of 15 Euro including wine. And we are not affraid to serve pasta dishes. We don't have much space and only have four places. However, this means that we will offer dinner quite frequently - once a week on Saturdays. We hope that people will be interested in this and that we get to meet many interesting new people!